Orangutans and the evolution of human speech

Another paper. This time on orangutan calls and how they inform the evolution of human speech. Read more here.

Sumatran orangutan feeding


New paper out on collaboration between astrophysicists and ecologists

We published a new paper on automating the detection of animals and humans on thermal imaging obtained with a drone. Click here to download the full paper. This paper was the result of a unique collaboration between researchers in ecology and astrophysics.


Palm Oil Paradox: Sustainable Solutions to Save the Great Apes

New Report by the Great Apes Survival Partnership.


Global demand for palm oil has grown rapidly over the last two decades as a result of rising human populations and expanding food demands, but has come at a terrible cost: biodiversity is lost and critically endangered orangutans and other iconic species are closer to extinction than ever. As Asian development transitions to Africa, the conservation community has no choice but to recognize that this $62 billion USD industry is here to stay and begin working constructively with responsible companies to ensure that lessons learned and best practices from Asia and implemented in Africa. Adopting responsible practices in the development of sustainable palm oil and other agriculture is a key strategic objective for ensuring that chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos do not face the same threats as their Asian cousins.

Click here for the full report