New paper out on collaboration between astrophysicists and ecologists

We published a new paper on automating the detection of animals and humans on thermal imaging obtained with a drone. Click here to download the full paper. This paper was the result of a unique collaboration between researchers in ecology and astrophysics.


2 thoughts on “New paper out on collaboration between astrophysicists and ecologists

  1. This looks really good. Has any work been done on making this detection process real time, either UAV based or via a data link to off board processing software? It will be great for a wide variety of purposes. I am particularly interested in forest environment and flying fixed wing UAV to spot animals below the canopy, for counting and for protection purposes. I met Serge some years ago at a great project in Cambodia _ Elephant Valley Project, when he was demonstrating some UAV based imaging / photo mosaic stuff. Really good…. Thanks
    Paul B


    • Hi Paul,

      Good to be in touch again. We are planning to have this detection in real time, but we are not there yet. It will take some time to develop this further.




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